Want to be part of a team that believes in creating memorable experiences, building dynamic communities and making an impact?

Events – dreaming them, crafting them, and overseeing them, can seem like both an action-packed and arduous task. There is a mix of glamour and fun, but a great deal of resilience and resourcefulness is required to make sure things go as planned, or, to at least deal when changes need to be made on the spot or on short notice. At Hustle & Bustle, each member will be the first to tell you that every one of us here wears several hats. If this sounds like a creative challenge to you, or something you believe you can handle with ease, a cool head and/or humour, then YOU are the one we have been searching for.


& Bustlers

Michael Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Often at the frontline of the team, Michael is passionate about bringing people together, creating great memories and establishing lasting partnerships.
Aneirin Flynn
Business Development Director
Fellow of the Royal Academy of Arts, Aneirin currently pursues a life immersed in art, design, and entrepreneurship. Ultimate life goal is to reach space (dead or alive).
Ying Hern Pow
Chief Creative Officer
Pow’s expertise covers events operation, branding, site build and design. With a strong interest in cars, some say it’s easier to find Pow along Leng Kee Road than his office during office hours.
Izabel Cheng
Event Architect
Izabel feels her job title is almost perfect- saying nothing and yet everything. She builds and conceptualises events in both design and planning, while forging relationships to build new experiences with clients.
Celine Lee
Account Director
Multi-tasker, mind reader and firefighter, all-in-one. Celine is known for her calm demeanour when supervising client events. Other than that, she is a self-confessed workaholic that has a passion for coordinating weddings on the side.
Esther Chan
Event Coordinator
Esther lives for the challenge and sips tea whilst solving problems. Level-headed with a sharp eye, she can spot a double-spacing from a mile away. She’s proficient with electric drills, for no particular reason.
De Xuan Tan
Everyone asks, “Will it look good?” But Xuan looks past the superficial and asks: “Will it work well?”
Michael Reinerth
Innovation Director
Micha is the team’s resident technology expert and loves arranging Zeros and Ones while drinking coffee. He helps the team and clients with technology or software related problems.
Ng Wai Luon
Finance Manager
Wai Luon has experience in managing accounts for various industries over the last several years. Prior to that, he had extensive exposure in audit, investor relations and corporate finance.